About Us


Advantageous Location

South Coast Recovery Centre also known as SCRC provides a safe and tranquil therapeutic environment for our clients, in a setting highly favourable for recovery. The recovery adage to avoid old ‘people, places and things’ holds very true, especially during early recovery. Our coastal location in Ramsgate on, the KwaZulu-Natal South Coast, prevents this, putting physical and psychological distance between the client and their typical using environment.


24-Hour Medical Clinic On-Site

In accordance with the Minimum Norms and Standards for Inpatient Treatment Centres (DSD), emergency healthcare is always available, at our 24-hour on-site Medical Clinic.
The Medical Clinic also facilitates routine healthcare and is manned by a team of Registered and Enrolled Nurses. Our nurses are supported by a Medical Manager, Psychologist, and sessional General Practitioner, to provide the highest quality medical care at all times.


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Rehabilitation can be defined as

"restoring to rightful potential, position and place in society, to restore to effectiveness, potential or normal life through training."