About Us


About us

South Coast Recovery Centre is one of South Africa's premium addiction recovery treatment facilities and have been in operation for more than 22 years,
South Coast Recovery Centre also known as SCRC provides a safe and tranquil therapeutic environment for our clients, in a setting highly favorable for addiction recovery treatment. The recovery adage to avoid old ‘people, places and things’ holds very true, especially during early recovery. Our coastal location in Ramsgate on, the KwaZulu-Natal South Coast, prevents this, putting physical and psychological distance between the client and their typical using environment. At SCRC we are passionate about holistic recovery focusing on all three elements of mind, body and spirit. We understand that addiction recovery is not just about abstinence but also about dealing with underlying issues such as trauma, mental health, stress amongst others. Our passionate, qualified therapeutic team of counsellors and social workers work with our residents to overcome these issues leading to a more fulfilling life. In line with holistic healing we offer a range of activities including yoga, meditation, gym, sports and exercise. Isn't this the kind of addiction recovery you need?


24-Hour Medical Clinic On-Site

In accordance with the Minimum Norms and Standards for Inpatient Treatment Centres (DSD), emergency healthcare is always available, at our 24-hour on-site Medical Clinic.
The Medical Clinic also facilitates routine healthcare and is manned by a team of Registered and Enrolled Nurses. Our nurses are supported by a Medical Manager, Psychologist, and sessional General Practitioner, to provide the highest quality medical care at all times.

Rehabilitation can be defined as ...

... a transformative journey that extends beyond conventional definitions, involving the comprehensive renewal of the mind, body, and spirit to foster lasting change and a purposeful life.

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